Antrim Jam

NESRA Presents :: The Antrim Jam
Saturday June 26th, 2010 – 9:30AM
Giant Slalom / Slalom / Relay / Kid’s Race




Photos by Rick Floyd
(more to come soon!)

Thirteen skateboard racers carved it up in Antrim, NH on Saturday, June 26, 2010 in the Northeast Skateboard Racing Association’s (NESRA) second race of the season series.

The racers competed on single-lane timed Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom (SL), Relay and kid’s courses. The weather was overcast, with breaks of sun, intermittent gusty winds, temperatures in the high seventies, and the occasional sprinkle of rain. The courses were set on the beautiful pavement of an incomplete housing development, just outside the town of Antrim. Tons of grip on this road, with a nice uphill run out, where the kid’s courses were set.

The racers all signed up and donated $5 to benefit the local Warren family, who just lost their father and a teen age daughter within two weeks of each other. Local racer Dave Kirkpatrick, one of the NESRA founders, led the racer’s meeting at 11AM and then we got down to racing on a 40-cone GS course. As with the inaugural NESRA race in Burlington, VT on 5/15/2010, there was a wide range of rider skill levels.

Antrim local Ryan Readel was first on the course, and set the pace with a clean run of 26.680 seconds. Each racer took three runs, with their single best time counting as their final result. Glenn Chapman was up next, running a blistering 23.929, but hitting a cone (worth +.2 sec. each), making his final first run time 24.129 seconds, good for second place after the first run. Dave Kirkpatrick, the driving force behind skateboard racing with the teen center in Antrim, hit one cone in his run and got a 25.797. Vermont’s Rick Floyd was next up and laid down a clean 22.919 to take the lead. Dan Parrish got a DQ on his first run, skating aggressively, and then Tom Wilson, master NESRA “mini-BAR” ramp builder, blazed down the course in a time of 24.890. Next up were Heather Readel and Josh Howard, both running in the high 29’s and finishing the first run only .224 seconds apart, with Heather in the lead!

The second run of the GS saw everyone get a time, with no DQs. When run number two was done, Rick had lowered his first run time by a whopping .796 seconds at 22.123, with Tom putting the pressure on Glenn by skating a clean 23.529 to take over second place. Doctor Dan Parrish moved into fourth place with a clean 24.555. Ryan bested his first run time by 1.76 seconds…you must have been napping on that first run Ryan! Dave lowered his time by about half a second, and Josh and Heather continued their close racing – with Josh taking this round.

When all three runs of the GS were complete, Rick’s 22.123 held up for the win, with Tom second at 23.278 and Glenn third at 23.463. Ryan improved by another .803 to vault into fourth place with a time of 24.117! Doctor Dan was fifth at 24.555 and Dave was close behind in fifth at 24.862. Josh and Heather raced close again, with Heather taking the third run by .433 seconds – however, Josh’s second run time of 29.564 was good enough to take seventh, by a scant .126 seconds. There were smiles all around.

While the GS course was cleared, Glenn ran the kid’s race run outn the runout. Five kids ranging from age 5 to 14 competed – two in the “bomber division” (i.e. not heavy enough to make the board turn) and the other three raced in the “slalom” division. The race was “jam” format and each kid took about 6 runs. Riley took the “bomber” division with a time of 15.56 seconds, followed by little Oliver at 16.39. The “slalom” division was hotly contested and when the smoke cleared, Emile took the win with a run of 10.06 seconds, followed closely by Bailey at 10.53, and her brother Angus with a time of 12.75 seconds. A kid’s race awards ceremony was held immediately following, and along with some great little trtrophiesthe kids received prizes donated by Razor. Two Razor kids park board completes, with sparking tails, went to Oliver and Riley, while the slalomers all got brand new Razor helmets. There are rumors the next NESRA event in South Hadley, MA on July 10th may have a cash pot for the kid’s race, so don’t miss it you skate racer squids out there!

After the kid’s race was done, a new experimental relay race format was run. The top five racers in the GS all got paired with one of the kids – slowest kid with fastest adult and so on down the line. The adults each took another GS run, without crossing the finish, pumped up the out run to their waiting kid pair, handed off a rubber baton (cut up garden hose), and the kids then bombed down the outrun and over the finish. There was more carnage on course for this race than any other event during the day! First Glenn slid out while pumping up the outrun and nearly ate it, then Dave and Emile botched the baton hand-off and Emile then fell off his board after recovering the baton. This was a super fun event, even with a few scrapes and band-aids! Final results were: Ryan and Bailey first, Glenn and Angus second, Tom and Riley third, Rick and Oliver fourth and Dave and Emile fifth.

After a break for lunch, graciously prepared and provided by Mrs. Barrett – Antrim local Delaney Barrett’s Mom, the Slalom was contested. The same start was used, but a shorter course with more cones was set by Glenn. It was a very challenging course with a killer “S” section in the middle that came at the racers very fast, and required total concentration and quick loose ankles to get through cleanly. The first run saw two DQs for Tom and Ryan, with everyone else just struggling to make it through and get a time. Rick again led the pack with a clean 18.794, followed by Glenn at 19.669 and Doctor Dan at 21.982. Dave and Josh rounded out the field at 23.295 and 24.971 respectively.

There were two more DQs in the second run – this time Dave got bit but stayed upright when we all thought disaster was imminent, and Ryan almost made it but the course got the best of him again. Tom just attacked the course and got a “raw” time of 18.486, good for the lead if he hadn’t tipped six cones (worth +.1 sec. each) on the way down for a final time of 19.086. Rick lowered the lead time with a smoking and aggressive 18.465, hitting only one cone for a net time of 18.565, and Glenn made it a tight three-way battle for first with a clean run of 18.981. Doctor Dan bettered his first run time by .346 seconds and Josh improved by .151 seconds.

In the third run of the Slalom, Tom again lowered the fastest “raw” time of the day with an 18.334, but couldn’t run clean and took out five more cones leaving him with an 18.834, good for second place. Rick hit three cones and finished with a third run time of 18.907, but his second run time of 18.565 held up, giving him his second win of the day. Glenn had a VERY fast run going but couldn’t hold on to it and DQ’d just before the finish line, ending up in third place. Doctor Dan hit two cones, ending with a 22.083, meaning his second run time of 21.636 was his best and was good for fourth place. Dave really ripped his final run, hanging on for a net time of 22.802 with five cones hit. Josh again lowered his raw time with a 24.443 but hit four cones for a net of 24.843, meaning his second run 24.820 was his best and he placed sixth. Ryan didn’t give up and again tried his best to tackle the slalom beast, but could not avoid a third DQ. Kudos to Ryan for trying to make adjustments, asking questions and giving it his all.

After the racing was over and the final results tabulated, an awards ceremony was held at the bottom of the hill. Trophies made by the Kirkpatrick family were awarded for the GS and slalom, pictures taken, stories from the day and contact information exchanged, and future events discussed. A light rain began to fall as everything was cleaned up and put away until next time. All event results and media will be available on the Antrim Jam page at, along with information on upcoming NESRA series races.

Big thanks again go out to Dan Parrish for supplying his NASA-programmed timing system; to Ron “Fatboy” Barbagallo and Razor for generously supplying the prizes for the kid’s race; to Glenn Chapman for running the kid’s race and setting the Slalom course; to Dave Kirkpatrick for bringing the video camera and making the trophies; and to Delaney Barrett for volunteering her time all day as our race starter/timer/scorer.

If you are a skateboard racer, want to learn to race skateboards, or just want to “test the waters”, then come to our next NESRA event on 7/10/2010 in South Hadley, MA and check it out. You will meet some top racers, get tips, see an exciting competition, and you may get “the bug” like I did a few years back!.




Download Full Results Speadsheet

1 – Rick Floyd – 22.123
2 – Tom Wilson – 23.278
3 – Glenn Chapman – 23.463
4 – Ryan Readel – 24.117
5 – Dan Parrish – 24.555
6 – Dave Kirkpatrick – 24.862
7 – Josh Howard – 29.564
8 – Heather Readel – 29.690

Download Full Results Speadsheet

1 – Rick Floyd – 18.565
2 – Tom Wilson – 18.834
3 – Glenn Chapman – 18.981
4 – Dan Parrish – 21.636
5 – Dave Kirkpatrick – 22.802
6 – Josh Howard – 24.820
7 – Ryan Readel – DQ
8 – Heather Readel – DNS


Download Full Results Speadsheet

1 – Bailey and Ryan – 53.702
2 – Glenn Chapman and Angus Kirkpatrick – 53.989
3 – Tom Wilson and Riley – 54.321
4 – Rick and Oliver – 57.022
5 – Dave and Emil – 60.813

Download Full Results Speadsheet

Bomber Division
1 – Riley – 15.56
2 – Oliver – 16.39

Slalom Division
1 – Emil – 10.26
2 – Bailey – 10.53
3 – Angus – 12.75